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Activities and services

Meal arrangement

“EvroSiti” group specializes in systematic decisions in the public catering sphere. At the same time we use a complex approach – beginning with concept development to its implementation and further everyday service arranging public catering points and to serve corporative meal as well.


Corporative meal

During many years of work we’ve accumulated a large experience how to arrange corporative meal. We have created a pricing policy for corporative clients in such a way, so the corporative clients with different financial possibilities will be able to select an appropriate offer.


Catering. Buffet tables. Banquets.

“EvroSiti” group includes a restaurant of out service “Euro Catering”, a catering company which arranges out events on the highest level. Taking into consideration the wishes of our clients we make a menu, select the staff, take care of serving and arrange the service, creating a solemn atmosphere. Depending on peculiarities of the event we offer an optimal variant of the meal arrangement. It can be banquet, buffet table, smorgasbord or barbecue.


Lunch delivery

To resolve a problem of an appropriate office meal of the staff in not big and medium companies we offer to order a lunch delivery to the office. To deliver such a service within “EvroSiti” group there is a service of lunch delivery with powerful technical and technological basis. Due to it we serve about 100 companies in Kiev and Kiev region.