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Lunch delivery

To resolve a problem of an appropriate office meal of the staff in not big and medium companies we offer to order a lunch delivery to the office. To deliver such a service within “EvroSiti” group there is a service of lunch delivery with powerful technical and technological basis. Due to it we serve about 100 companies in Kiev and Kiev region.

You can order a lunch via phone, fax and also a functionally unique method of on-line orders on our site. "http://www.evrolanch.com.ua ".

The main advantage of the food delivery is the high quality of meals, large range, loyal pricing policy.

The delivering meal are prepared on the existing “EvroSiti” group technological spaces only using natural products without any half-finished products and chemical additives. Lunches are delivered to the office for free and still hot.

Today we offer you to have various, substantial, delicious meals at reasonable prices! We have created different menus from the dishes of different pricing ranges that let implement an individual approach to every client and resolve problems of corporative meal for wide range of customers.

We can also provide to arrange public catering in field conditions. We’ve got a full set of the technological equipment: modular field kitchens, mobile dispensation points, folding tents pavilions and furniture.

Many people who like delicious and healthy food have already estimated the comfortability and quality of our lunch delivery service. We are sure you will like our service!

You can learn more about the food delivery on our site: http://www.evrolanch.com.ua