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Corporative meal

During many years of work we’ve accumulated a large experience how to arrange corporative meal. We have created a pricing policy for corporative clients in such a way, so the corporative clients with different financial possibilities will be able to select an appropriate offer.

We’ve really got much to be proud of. We have designed and implemented in different formats (canteens, buffets, prepared food delivery with its dispensation) the corporative meal houses of the closed type:

  • Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    • Canteen with a complete cycle of production.
    • A buffet with the limited range of goods, cold courses, snacks, hot course, sweet courses easy to prepare, farinaceous food, rolls and buns, confectionery and also goods from the producers.
  • National Philharmonic of Ukraine
    • A buffet with the limited range of goods, including partially prepared meals with the high level of readiness, cold and hot courses, snacks, drinks and also goods to be bought.
    • Restaurant of the out service. Catering (arrangement and carrying out banquets and buffet tables).
  • National broadcasting company of Ukraine
    • Work arrangement of the complete cycle canteen.
    • A buffet with the limited range of goods: cold courses, snacks, confectionery, drinks, goods from the producers.
    • Arrangement of the café with complete cycle of production and service by the servants.
  • National medical university
    • Arrangement of the student canteen with complete cycle of production.
    • A student buffet with the limited range of goods.
  • Hypermarket “Auchan”
    • Food preparing based on our facility, delivery of hot lunch arrangement of the feeding station with the dispensation of the ready meals.
  • «Ciklum» company
    • Arrangement of the meal on the territory of the client; preparing on our facility,

Moreover to resolve the problem of the appropriate office meal we make a hot lunch delivery in the office. Due to it we serve about 100 companies in Kiev and Kiev region.

While developing the meal arrangement for the corporative clients we take into consideration their wishes and wants. Our skillful specialists implement these decisions of corporative meal, taking as basis their knowledge and many years experience in public catering sphere.

  • • We are responsible for resolving all administrative, project and technical problems, connected with planning and arrangement of corporative meal (arrangement of canteen, kitchen, meals dispensation, buffets and so on).
  • • We are responsible to resolve all arrangement and personnel problems connected with the arrangement and functioning of the corporative canteen or other feeding station
  • • Food preparing on our facility and hot lunch delivery on the territory of the client or preparing directly at the kitchen of the client,
  • • Arrangement of food dispensation with complete or partial self-service or with service by servants;
  • • Arrangement of all time food intake (breakfasts, dinners, suppers) and also arrangement of the corporative meal at night shifts;
  • • Arrangement of the food intake during corporative events. Providing with meal at the presentations, conferences, workshops, and thematic holidays.
  • • Arrangement and carrying out of buffet tables, banquets, coffee-breaks.
  • • Meal arrangement of tourist groups, construction crews, mass events.

Choosing “EvroSiti” group as a corporative meal provider you save not only human and financial resources, but you get a professional solution of the meal provision problem of staff of your company or establishment in a short time.