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About us

Our history dates back to 2004, when the first fast casual restaurant under the brand “Evrohata” was opened in Kiev. During the next year more four institutions were opened and turned into the restaurant network. We didn’t want to stop anyhow and were searching all the time and wanted to develop ourselves. The common standard of technology, preparing and sale of meals, staff training, delivery system, marketing strategies and so on were developed. During our existence we have gone through the method of trial and error, the period of growth and development, hard times of economical crisis, therefore accumulating a great experience. Hard economical periods were the incitement for optimization and search for new decisions which led to the substantial structural and organizational changes.

As a result of business development and expansion of additional branches the task to systematize them and to go on with their further development was set and thus new brands were to be established.

As a result of the reorganization “Evrohata” turned into the managing company the main task of which was to regulate, approach systematically to management because of the growing number simultaneously implementing projects and dynamically growing public catering market in whole. The rebranding of the restaurant network was made. Now it is called “Evrosmak”. Moreover such brands as “EvroLunch”, “Evrocatering” and “Evrositi” were established at the market.

Nowadays “Evrositi” is the group of multifunctional enterprises united to deliver a high quality complex public catering services to the market. “Evrositi” group uses all the potential of its companies and departments to create complex decisions in the public catering sphere. “EvroSiti” specializes in the following domains:

  • Fast casual restaurants
  • Department of Meal delivery to the office, organization of the corporative meal
  • Catering company (department of the out restaurant service and carrying out of the banquets and buffet tables)
  • Coffee houses, Coffee and pastry bar, Buffets
  • Dumpling house
  • Café-Bar
  • Motor ship – motor ship lease, voyages along the Dnieper River, open-air rest, picnic and barbecue party arranging

Having become one of the key members of the public catering market we don’t loose the striving for self-development and quality update. Today our effort is oriented towards the innovations, which can improve service quality. Our strategic priorities consist of the perfect service, efficiency of production process, improving of staff skills, permanent development of the meal arranging concepts, innovations in technologies, equipment, providing with guaranteed growth.

We are eager to excel all our competitors and in the future we see us the best and largest public catering network in Ukraine.